…constant child-like curiosity and emotional reception of the world are the forces that have always accompanied me in observing everything that surrounds me… and in what I experience empirically…

…this energy drives my creativity and the desire to visualize what I feel, see, hear, experience… compels me to share it with others by means of drawings, paintings, figures, objects, comic strips… they express variety, diversity, multidimensionality, colorfulness and uniqueness of everything that surrounds me…

Dariusz Szmajda Geck

15.04.1964 first day of my life
1968 first drawings
1986 first exhibition

Further exhibitions:
1986-1987 Foto-Medium-Art gallery, Wrocław/Poland „Modrzewiowy Kościółek” gallery, Wrocław/Poland
1990 Regina Haus, Munich/Germany
1991 „Am Turm” gallery, Eltville on the Rhein/Germany
1992 „Alter Bahnhof” gallery, Wiesbaden-Taunusstein/Germany
1991-1993 Collective exhibitions with the art group „Kunstler kreis”, Johannisberg/ Geisenheim/Germany
1994 Founder of the „Kunst-UM” group; individual and collective exhibitions
1995 Artistic work presentation in Edlef’s/Geisenheim/Germany
1996 Exhibition in Zoffel-Hoff-Partner, Wiesbaden/Germany
1997 Exhibition in Lufthansa’s Galery/AirPlus, Neu-Isenburg/Germany
1998 Exhibition in Neka GmbH, Hof Nussberg, Walluf/Germany
1998-1999 Exhibition in Holiday Inn Crowne Plaz, Wiesbaden/Germany
1999 Exhibition Forum-Wien, Vienna/Austria
2000 Exhibition in Egon Zender International, Frankfurt am Main/Germany
2001 Interior art project for the Biochemical Institute II in the Goethe University Clinic in Frankfurt
am Main/Germany
2002 Interior art project for the Biological Institute in the Goethe University Clinic for Henkel company in Frankfurt
am Main/Germany
2004-2005 Exhibitions in August Kesseler’s atelier and vineyard, Assmannhausen on the Rhein/Germany
2006-2007 Interior art projects for the Fitness Company GmbH in Dresden, Leipzig, Munich, Wiesbaden,
2008 Artistic work presentation in Voiceland Studio, Wrocław/Poland
2009 Artistic work presentation in “Swiatłocień” gallery, Kraków/Poland
2012 Exhibition „Home for art – art for home” in Centennial Hall, Wrocław/Poland
2013 „A night of design” in Interior Design Gallery Domar, Wrocław/Poland
2013 “WrocLove Design” International Good Projects Festival in Centennial Hall, Wrocław/Poland
2014 The opening of my art studio
2014 Ongoing work on the elements of interior design in public and private spaces
2015 Presenting artworks in my studio, Wrocław/Poland
2015 The beginning of a series of paintings „Childhood with a picture” dedicated especially to newborns
and little babies.
Meetings and discussions with couples from the new generation, who have become or will become
parents in near future, were the inspiration for creating this painting series.
The idea is to create pictures dedicated personally to little girls and boys i.e.: „for Laura”, „for Anthony”, for…”
2016 Exhibition in Literature and Music Club, Wrocław/Poland
2017 Exhibition in „On the Bend” Gallery, Wisznia Mała/Poland
2017 Exhibition in the Leśnica Castle, Wrocław/Poland
2018 Exhibition in “BrowArt” Gallery in Browar Mieszczański, Wrocław/Poland